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Choppin’ It Up: With James In The Kitchen


                       CHOPPA JEFFERSON (AKA James Steffens): 20, Thrasher, Surfer, Ben Nordberg lookalike .

Hey Choppa how are you?

Hey! Not too bad, just woke up.

What are you up to today?

Just chilling, then going to a ball tonight which should be fun.

 What’s the last thing you ate in your kitchen ?

The best salad ever!


Do you believe you are what you eat?

Ha, I guess so in a theoretical sense.

 So, you live in Aus, what’s it’s like ?

Pretty rad. It still amazes me that I wake up every morning to sunshine knowing I can go skate, surf or chill in one or the coolest cities (Melbourne) in the world.  I do miss London now and then. Though the Australia police are shit dudes- I got locked up for the night for walking across the road on a red light and arguing against the police. Got a 600 dollar fine.



Who’s your favourite skater and why?

Anyone on Fucking Awesome. I really like Eli Reed at the moment, he’s got a mad fashion brand going. I guess because these guys see skating for what it is, an art- a way to express yourself rather than a sport.

 Do you care about the style of skating or does it not really bother you?

Style in my opinion is about not not taking it seriously which is what lot of kids do these days- is everything. I believe your clothing greatly influences your style on a skateboard. Everything about skating is trying making it look effortless and stylish.


 What keeps you up at night?


 Do you have a motto that you live by/ refer to a lot?

If your going to do something, you might as well try and make it look good.

How do Australian girls differ to British ones?

Australian girls are better, no doubt. British girls judge guys on their looks rather than personality way too much. Except you Anna, you’re better than them all.




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