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Whitney: In The Kitchen

12270490_10153746083959932_105970220_n Julien Ehrlich (left) and Max Kacakek (right) of WHITNEY


 Hi Julien, what’s your favourite thing to eat in the kitchen?

Leftover Thai food.

Do you like to eat and dance in the kitchen at the same time, when the food tastes really good?

If I’m sharing the food with someone then i’m probably dancing. If I’m alone, who knows?

So, you’re in a new band called ‘Whitney’. Does that have anything to do with Whitney Houston?

Nope. Love Whitney Houston though.

‘No Matter Where We Go’,reminded me of Donnie and Joe Emmerson. To me it sounds like it’s come straight from the 1960s/1970s. Is that something you consciously wanted to emulate?

Definitely not. A couple of songs on that Donny and Joe record are great though.

What keeps you up at night?

Some of us have been sleeping in a tent outside of the studio we’re working at in LA for a few weeks. So lately it’s been leaves falling off the trees into the tent.

 In what setting would be most ideal to listen to your music?

Definitely in the shower.

If there was documentary of ‘Whitney: The Band’ when you’re all dead who would you want to play yourself and the rest of the band members?

That’s a hard question to have to answer for yourself. We compare ourselves to the members of One Direction a lot. Out of all those people, you can decide who’d be playing me.

 When’s the last time you cried?

Since this is a kitchen based interview I’m gonna use the easy, less revealing answer and say.. When I was slicing onions. Duh

Are you inspired by anything/anyone that would surprise people?

Lately I’ve been watching a ton of teen dramas that were on when i was in high school. Like Gossip Girl and The OC. I used to talk shit about them but now I really wish they had Whitney songs in them. I guess in some strange way that’s inspiration.

 What can we expect next for Whitney?

Recording our full length right now. Playing lots of shows, we’ll probably make our way to the UK sometime next year !




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