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FOOD 4 THOUGHT: Henri Charreau In The Kitchen


“the humanizers” -size variables clay and wax

How are you?

Good thanks

What have you been up to over the past week?

Nothing much, just chilling; doing some drawing, making some ceramics, doing some research as well and working on the cultural market and how it works.

Paris or London?

London, definitely.


Well first I think that creatively speaking it is much more moving; many more things happening and much more international. I was  fed up of Paris and I think in terms of art it’s been stuck in its traditional ways and for young artists London is better. It’s more expensive but it’s worth it.


Since Paris is so traditional, is there a chance you’d get more exposure there, VS. London where so many people are making abstract things?

I have some friends that are doing Fine Art in Paris and it’s much more mundane. You can’t really rent spaces to make your own shows and it’s been really institutionalised . Unlike Paris, in London there are private views every day. You have much more chance to rise since there are more investors interested in young artists.

Is your work site specific?

With my life size sculptures  I could be working on the street, in galleries or in a forest. I don’t need to create in London but in terms of exposure, London or Berlin is the best place to be.

Tell me more about your sculptures.

I’m going against the aesthetic today where everything seems superficial.  If you’re not a size zero, or getting plastic surgery, it’s your fault. Technology is becoming increasingly accepted by society, so this idea of being perfect is too. I wanted the viewer to see not only themselves in the sculptures, but how those seeking perfection may evolve in the future. The sculptures are half body cast and half handmade ; I actually painted them with foundation that gave off this strong smell.. it was like a dystopian environment!

Sometimes when you see something a bit disgusting you immediately think ‘ughh’ but then you’re kind of attracted to them.


‘Rolling into deep inner satisfaction’: Metal, expanding foam, plaster, wax and foundation make up

What artists are you influenced by at the moment?

Jake and Dinos Chapman obviously. Hans Bellmer and his work with the dolls. I find Louise Bourgeious really interesting. I like Sara Lucas;  she is a feminist but doesn’t take it too seriously.

Do you think feminism is becoming too much of a trend ?

I do think now it’s a trend to be a feminist but it’s just how society is, we always want to become someone. In general, we live in a patriarchal society, but I think women are more powerful than ever!

If you had to exhibit anywhere, where would it be and why?

I think I’d want to be in Japan because I know that they’re really into technology and robots. They also seem to love those dolls; sexual dolls and I think that it could be quite interesting to see how the people would see my sculptures. I’d really like to show in Japan!


Would you want girls who are superficial or pressured to look a certain way, to see you work and think ‘Shit! I’m doing something wrong here!’ ?

My intention is to shock people; so I’d be happy if someone extremely precious looked at the sculptures and was disgusted by them. I don’t care if people take my work the wrong way because I want to  people to have their own interpretation. I try not to say too much about my work even though I always do !

So you wouldn’t want the headphone guides at your own exhibition?


How do you feel about artists like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst who pretty much employ people to make their work? Would you ever do that if you could?

Before they were artists they were entreprenueurs. If you could hire people to make your work look more clean and finished then I don’t see why you wouldn’t. In their case though, they may it look too easy..’Oh, can you make this for me?’..’Yeah sure’!.  A lot of people today want to become artists because they see the Damiens and the Koons hanging out with these celebrity types.


‘Posthuman reunion for the human Creation Development Program’

You’re a famous artists having a private view. Which celebrity would you want at the event?

(Apart from Justin Bieber)

I’d say Grayson Perry with all his craziness. He’s great! 

What would you be doing now if you weren’t making art?

I’d be trying to help young artists and to put them into the art scene. I think nowadays you have to be almost an entrepreneur in order to make it as an artist and they don’t teach us that at art school.  In a way though, I think if we were taught this, our work would change drastically and perhaps more into the style of a Jeff Koons.  That’s why I’d love to teach young people; to try and make them big talents, in amidst extremely contemporary or conceptual artists.


What keeps you up at night?

I don’t know.. my ideas! My crazy ideas ! (laughs)

Where’s you favourite place to go out in London?

A bit of everywhere really! I like to be near the Thames, enjoy the fresh air and just be around some greenery. That’s another reason I love London; there are so many green places where you feel a bit out of the city, out of all the stress.

Do you not go clubbing then ?

Oh, yeah, I do go clubbing! (laughs)




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