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JOIN THE CLUB : Victoria Sampson


Hey how are you?

I’m good thanks!

What have you been up to over the past week?

It was my sister’s birthday and my birthday so have been celebrating and preparing for

the next launch of the new ‘House Of VI’. It’s kind of been taking over my life!

How did The House of VI come about?

The House of VI is a lifestyle brand for the students of London. When I started University, as a fresher, I was being invited to events that were just shitty things in shitty places with everyone getting wasted and nobody even socialising.

  A lot of people instead would go to a nice Mayfair club with friends, spending a set amount of money,  sitting around their tiny table speaking amongst themselves. Even if the table next to them had the most good looking guy you still wouldn’t speak to him. For all you know he could be a fifty year old guy with his prostitutes- you never really know who’s in a club.

With The House of VI I’ve made more of a luxury fresher’s event . Instead of going to Tiger Tiger or a random club in Hackney, it’ll be at a private members club or in a venue which the average student may not be able to go to , like a church or something. Something exciting and fun.


Apparently you had a a bit of a bump in the road..

We were kind of screwed over by a competitor.  I started the IV Club in September 2015 and it was all going great when a competitor decided to throw us under the bus. I wanted to focus more on the social media aspect of things and whilst doing so I hadn’t gotten every single credential done and dusted. In terms of trademarking, corporation and taxing they progress as you progress. We didn’t have it all ready from day one, a competitor saw the knick in our armour and now we’re starting again as The House of VI. It’s the same concept, same kind of brand and idea .

Is there a certain clientele that you want to attend these events?

With the venues we’re going for, the price is quite premium but in those premium prices you get great service and entertainment. This unintentionally funneled away a lot people, bringing in a specific type of person  to the events. I found that students, no matter how rich or how poor , spend money differently then they used to.  20 or 30 years ago, students would probably save their money ,eat white bread all day to afford to go out every night and drink Sainsburys Basic Vodka. Now, maybe you’d rather not go out every night , save up the money and and have a good meal or go to a nice club. People who prefer luxury and prefer premium services understand that they have to pay those prices. So I’m not saying ‘no you’re not allowed to come in’ but it’s more that you have to be aware of how much you’re paying and what you’ll get in return.

How long did your last event at Tramps take to set up?

It took a month and was quite intense. Booking the venue and getting a club as exclusive as Tramps was very difficult. I literally was in and out of that club every other day like ‘Hi it’s me again’ (laughs). Surprisingly booking entertainment and getting people interested was something I could do on my phone, whilst in a lecture.  That’s why I like that’s it mine- I can decided when and how I want to do it.


What advice would you give someone starting up a business idea?

People should not be scared. Most think we’re too young to start something but what they fail to realise is that we have the advantage that we’re social media savvy. We all have Instagram and we all have Facebook! I’d call clients up, mostly being 50+years old and they wouldn’t understand when I’d say I had 5000 followers on Instagram so would assume 5000 people wanted to attend the event. You need to just big yourself up all the time- fake it until you make it! Also you must be time management savvy, doing small things like switching your phone off for two hours whilst working and then going out . I’m very into balance, I can’t just work and not go out or vice versa.


What’s next for The House Of VI?

We’re just starting to get back to where we were before we can do another event.  Everyone has their exams around April/May so I’m thinking of doing  an end of exams event  or just starting up next year. We’ve been speaking to a few private members clubs and trying to get some contracts in line which is exciting! The events will be bigger and better than the others to rub it in our competitor’s face (laughs).

Not only do I want to do events but also go down a more academic route . I went to a interesting lecture about the business of dentistry and it hit me that we learn about our subject at university but we don’t really learn how to apply our subject on a day to day basis. Honestly I don’t know how I’m going to live after uni because I don’t know how to fill out taxes or what a mortgage is! I’ve seen  students that are into investing and making more money but they don’t know where to go with it. Hosting a series of lectures where people in the industry talk about things that prepare for when you’ve graduated would be fantastic. 


Best club at the moment in London?

I love Tape on Hanover Square. I like hip hop and they play a lot of that. Tempa T and Rae Sremmurd were performing literally on a normal night! It’s not like o2 or Wembley watching on a big screen, at Tape you could literally hold hands with the performer (laughs).

When’s the last time you cried?

An embarrassing one.. I was watching The Good Wife and something died and it made me cry a lot. I was obsessed with that show and my favourite person died!

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