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The Alphabet of Slang

A- ABSOLUTE (F*&*%$) LEGEND – You can find an AFL at Embargos Republica on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“Mate, mate, mate, don’t shit on Ralph’s name. He is an absolute (f******) legend.”

Who wants more Eton Mess!?

B- BACKUP DANCER –  An omnipresent but irrelevant human being 

“The man in ur pix...backup dancer.” – Stormzy (well respected Grime musician)

Let it GO Johnathon #ifyouknow #youknow

C- CREME BRULEE-  Someone who’s personality resembles the consistency of a creme brûlée.

“Not my fault you were born a creme brûlée!”


D- DEAD BARSomething/Someone who is as dry as a poor rap lyric.

“This chicken legend is dank.”

 “You on crack? That’s a dead bar.

Poignant lyrics from Tyga


F- FEEDING THE DUCKS – A pitiful attempt at courting a woman. 

(*Reference: Chris Drake aka Lil Chris from ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ coined the term after a messy chirpse with Frankie Essex.)

G- GUCCI-  Something that’s good.

(*Reference: Gucci: A popular designer shop amongst the rich and famous.)

“What’s Gucci my n****, what’s Louis my killer?”

H- HIGH KEY- The opposite of low key.

“Low key h8 him, but high key want to smash!”

Danny O’ Donoghue .. cor look at that smile 😉


I- IT’S LIT- When the motive is popping!

*Enters Embargos* : “It’s lit!!”


J- JEKYLL – A snake

(*Reference: Wordsworth classic ‘Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde’)

‘You are a nasty, two faced, Jekyll

K- KEYED UP-  Drunk, high-spirited, waveeyyyyyy!

“Who’s ready to get keyed UP??”

Chip Diddy Chip.. more like Slip Diddy Slip!!!


L- LIKKLE MAN –A term used to undermine someone.

“Stay in your lane you likkle man.”

Man like Tom donning some loooovely Cuban Heels!

M –MUGGY- When you’ve been caught being a shady snake.

“Babe, what you did last nightyeah, that was a bit muggy!!!”

Ricky Rayment, TOWIE: Filthy mug

N- NOTORIOUS B.E.G – Someone notorious for their beg status. They consistently turn up where nobody’s invited them and scrape into a Whatsapp group chat

“Just because I wan’t to play footie with you lads, doesn’t mean you can call me a Notorious B.E.G!!”

Cheska, Made in Chelsea . Watch below 4 more


O- ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE- A cheeky smash and dash 😉

“Popped open some bubbly, straaaight back to mine, no time for Netflix: one, two, buckle my shoe!”

Straaaight in Rumplestiltskin


P- PIFF GANG- When you and your crew are fire.

“Dem girls over there are piff gang.


Q- QUESTION, QUESTION, ZULU WARRIOR – When you’re having a cheeky bet with the lads at Spoons , and someone asks ‘curry club?’ (Q,Q,Z Q should always be chanted)

5 a side? Well in boys!!

R- RAHTED Oh shit.

*Stubs toe on bed* “Rahted.”


S- SESHWAN – A cheeky BNOC who’s always last to leave the clurrbb!

 Jamie ‘yeeahboi’ Laing and Spencer ‘Pug’ Matthews

T- THOTTYA basic hoe pon de clurb!

‘“Too bad ya girl is a thotty.”


U- U C U YH? – The opening line to a filthy par

U c u yh? Dem shoes are trash!!”



V- VIEWS (from 6th) – When someone is fuegggooooooo 

“Cor Blimey, absolute Views tonite lads!!!

A snapshot from Drake’s critically acclaimed album ‘Views’

W- WOOOOOOOOOOWWhen you’re shocked/shook.

 *You confront him about cheating and even tho you got receipts he says…* 


Y- YATTAKIN– A girl who’s a likkle bit trashy!

Absolutely iconic

Z- ZIMMY/YA ZIM ZIM – When you’re on the same page



Wordz: Anna Sampson, Nina Pezeshkian, Hannah Myers

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