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Student 101: Part Time Jobs

Studying at Chelsea College of Art was great. I made a group of amazing friends, produced some interesting work, and welcomed student loan with open arms.

A lot of people embraced the uni lifestyle; eating pot noodles, drinking Tyskies and riding bikes. I, on the other hand, had a nouveau riche approach to my loan, and blew through it with the help of Uber, Deliveroo and happy hour at any given bar. During first year it was kind of endearing, but as third year hit me, it felt pathetic.

I adopted a sporadic balance of jobs; what I really enjoyed, and what I really needed-to-pay-rent. Film was the flavour of the month, so I started watching loads of music videos on youtube. I’d see the director’s name, find their email, contact them and offer my assistance. Often I wouldn’t get a reply until months later, but I eventually started getting jobs as a runner.

What I loved so much about this job is that I truly felt part of something great. You’re RUNning around, speaking with the crew, buying things, using a radio and gluing the cracks in the surface one coffee at a time. Most importantly, I started understanding how film worked- its rhythm and the technology behind it. I could see myself in that industry which made university and its deadline far more bearable. The only annoying thing about all this, was that you never knew when you were going to get a job. Often I’d get a random email asking me to come in the next day, or a message when I was away with my family- it seemed the timing was ever quite right.

Like most students at art school, I lived in South London which had a lot of pubs. Working at one didn’t fill me with excitement, but I needed the cash. Luckily somebody had just been sacked at a pub down the road, so I immediately was given a trial shift. The pub was always busy and was open till 3 am, and I didn’t know how to pour drinks. It was balmy, cramped and dirty behind the bar, but I liked it and quickly became pretty good at pulling pints and small talk. I discovered I worked better when it was busy, and got to listen to disco for free! Final year was speeding by and I found balancing part time work at the pub and writing my dissertation near impossible.

If only I had known then about Crowdskills, a website designed for freelancers in the creative field. There was always a compromise of being creative and making money during uni, but this site makes the two possible. The time consuming process of finding a creative job can put you off wanting a job altogether. At Crowdskills you get an immediate response and are offered a variety of creative jobs, no strings attached. When you’re studying you don’t need the added stress of juggling a boring part time job. Now, you can find a way to make money that sparks your creativity instead of exhausting it. Sign up now at!


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