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Living in New Cross




Who are you?

Yo yo yiggity yo- I’m Ophelia aka Phe aka O.

Where are we right now?

PictureHouse Central..

Describe the scene please!

It’s a corridor spaced bar. I hate the tables. The chandeliers are kind of Marrakech-y.. (laughs) A bit of corrugated iron, like I’m at the Humphrey’s residence. It’s pretty lit. Some absolutely fucking wastrels just entered though.

Very Niche…So, what d’ya do for a living?

I’m a full time student but I graduate in April and then the world’s my oyster. I don’t have a speciality yet but I love using my voice. 


Cute. Where you studying?

Goldsmiths, History of Art, third year. 

Best and worst thing about G-smiths?

Best thing definitely is the contemporariness of it. The worst thing is how they use the contemporariness of it. It’s so judge-y and everything is so up in the air. It doesn’t really feel like the most productive environment health and work wise. 

If I had a lil bro and he was going to study there, what advice would you give him?

I’d tell him not to get caught up in any circle.

Bit vague..

Well like music students are super fucking horny for their music courses. Art students only talk to artists. That kinda thing.


I’ve been to your apartment in New Cross. It’s super lovely. Tell me about your view of New Cross and how long you’ve lived there!

I’ve Lived in New Cross for just over three years. It’s lit but it’s not the centre of South East, so I get a bit of respite. It’s a nice community but it’s not where I see myself for a while. But I still do love it.

Where should I go out in South London?

Depends on how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling like a chill drink then definitely Bar Story or Skeehans. However if you’re on it, it’s definitely gonna end up being Tasty Bakery or Canavans. But I’m not really a fan of Tasty..

Have you been to Tasty?

No, but I know loads of people who have. Not my bag.


Is it on Peckham high st?

Yeah, but it’s just a door.

What is the biggest misconception about South London?

That everyone is living there because of Goldsmiths or to be in a different crowd. I feel like a lot of people are literally just living there because it’s got some trees and slightly interesting culture. 

What’s your take on the gentrification thats going on. Especially in Peckham which has been thru the damn roof!?

I don’t think I can really comment on it. I think that I’m probably slightly part of it but I’m not begging it off what it’s expected to be. So at the same time I feel a bit distant from that whole scene.


What is the hardest thing about being 23 going on 24?

Fuck, thats a good question. Having to choose. Like, realising that life is actually about making choices and realising that you can’t having everything because you shouldn’t have everything. It’s not healthy. I think that’s a hard thing to come to terms with.

Who is ya celeb *crush*?

Mark Ronson. Hit me up!

Favourite item of makeup currently?

Lady Danger. The Mac lipstick but for your cheeks! 


What colour is it please?

It’s like bright fucking orange red!

Yum- I may have to try that! When is the last time you sobbed ?



Because I was tired and been trying to let go of love recently.

Do you have a motto that you live by?

Anna has my back. Kidding. I dunno- just do you things that you only have love for.


What’s your fave room of the crib?



It’s fucking huge. We have chairs in there. I finally have a bath tub after three years without one. 

Tell me the most important thing to consider when you’re living with people.

Just don’t overstep people’s personal space. Allow people to have their own sanctuaries even if you know they love people in your room. Don’t fucking sit on their bed if they don’t want you their bed. I don’t like that shit.


Where do you buy your groceries from?

Sainsburys in New Cross Gate with a splash of Whole Foods.

Fave dish to cook in the kitchen?

Seared nectarine salad, pickled cucumber and any sort of risotto. 

If you’re feeling a lil down in the dumps, what do you do?

I listen to 1930 and 40s jazz and then smoke a lot. Journal as well. Call Anna 100 %, or Ruby if Anna’s not available. (laughs).


Read the last text you sent.

I congratulated my friend Abi on getting engaged!!

Who’s the most annoying person in fashion?

Kendall Jenner.


Because it’s Kendall Jenner. If she wasn’t famous she’d be nothing. She’s pointless. Soz.


Pick one show on Netflix.

Chef’s Table. 

At uni, what’s the best way to motiv8 yourself?

Realise your ability to write, because for me, I realised that I love writing and exploring a different style. Realising that writing is just as much learning as reading is so important. motivate yourself by doing that. 

Where do you see yourself in the next two years?

On top of a really hot Scandinavian guy. 😉


How did we meet?

We were actually born together. You were born a few hours before me, on the 26th and I was born on the 27th. We ended up living across from each other for five years. If that’s not meant to be I don’t know what fucking is.

If I was stalking #YOU, where could I find you on a nite out?

I’m either gonna be drinking a cocktail at Brown’s hotel or at Ridley Road Market.




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