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Crewel 2 Be Kind


WHERE? The Shacklewell Arms


When Crewel Intentions stepped onto the stage, I was floored by lead singer, Chilli’s striking resemblance to Jared Leto. Apparently he was the lead singer of Palma Violets, a band I never bothered listening to.

The rest of the boys were all dressed in suits, similar to Insecure Men‘s aesthetic. Not surprising then, that one of the guitarists plays in that band. #WhoWoreItBetter?

I wasn’t sold at first. All the songs sounded too similar and too much like The Killers. Also the band’s performance made me uncomfortable. I felt like I was in an episode of “Wild Wild Country“, with Chilli reaching his hand out intensely at several members of the audience, looking straight into their eyes. Bit weird considering one of their lyrics is “I’m no Christ..I’ll be doing no saving here tonight.” Back yourself, babe!!

Hottie alert !!

It must’ve worked because the sweaty kids went CRAZY for the songs. One in particular- who was chosen to come up on stage to sing into the mic! Suddenly, he took off his top. Clearly too much for Chilli who chucked him back to ground level. Savage!

R8ING: 6.9/10

Despite falling asleep during most the live set, I’ve been singing Crewel Intentions lyrics in the shower. Weird, innit?

Growers not showers, I suppose. 😉



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