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Rotational Speed x Five Miles

Went to Five Miles for the first time and was pleasantly surprised.

Not to sound like a snob, but the previous times I’ve gone to Tottenham for events (Grow, The Cause) they’ve been nothing to write home about.

At Grow they had the smoke machine on all night to hide the fact that nobody was in there.

Anyway, Rotational Speed’s night at Five Miles was good. There were DJs Philipp Boss, Ittetsu, IZCO, and Guava Cafe. There are two rooms- the “bar room” and the “main room”. Pretty self explanatory.

It was slightly jarring in the bar room because it wasn’t that dark and people were sitting in booths, so when you went to dance, you felt like you were under a spotlight.

The main room was a lot better; with coloured lights and a spacious dance floor. 

I got drunk and start referring to myself as different characters from Top Boy. Still don’t know if I can bounce back from that one. There was also a 19 y/o I fancied but I was too shy to go up until the bitter end. Lol.

My one complaint was how the crowd screamed “no new friends”, because their faces were not the friendliest. But I guess that’s not the venues fault. 

Here are some blurry pixxxx:

Oli holding my hoop earring which had fallen off. 🙂
Wolf whistling attempts. Ophelia w/ two random dudes.
Ophelia in the main room.
Oli by a dart board.
Oli waiting for Uber outside.


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