Opening A New Door

It was during a choir trip in Portugal with school that I fancied a girl for the first time. Her name was Rachel and was two years below me which felt slightly creepy and I snuck in alcohol for us all in the hopes of getting closer but all that amounted to was a bollockingContinue reading “Opening A New Door”

The Crossed Line (Part 1)

It was a hot summers evening along Portobello Road and I was in the hair salon. I was fretting about switching up my signature iced-blonde look for a more natural one and I could feel pools of sweat forming as I sat on that leather chair in my Adidas shorts. I was so paranoid thatContinue reading “The Crossed Line (Part 1)”

You Asked For It

Words: Anna Sampson Make-up and visuals: Nina Pezeshkian I didn’t fancy Mike. He wasn’t my type; for one he’s blonde and though he once had a rugby player-like charm back in the day, now looked shabby and slightly unwell. His best mate is called Reuben. Reuben was a boy who was so good looking whenContinue reading “You Asked For It”

Flip of the Script

The fleece Mark was wearing was something I would’ve bought from Camden Lock market when I was 12. Its garish yellow and blue flowers felt luminescent against the grey sky that was raining, hard and even the dogs wearing strange, green glow stick-like collars, looked normal in comparison. I hated the fact I was soContinue reading “Flip of the Script”

Sext and the City

Max came along and I thought he would be the perfect person.

By “came along” I mean we matched on Hinge. He looked kind of neanderthal like…gormless, also a bit like James Franco, but not enough to make me *catch feelings*. In the first five minutes we established two things.

1.) Screw lockdown! We wanted a cheeky kiss!

2.) What were we to do about it?