Sometimes I speak to other people about their own shit!

Up All Nite / The Orielles

The Orielles suggested we meet at Soho’s The Social, a venue which I’d never been to before. Might they be cooler than me? Not likely 😉 

 Inside, at the bar, we sat down on a booth seat. Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime” was blaring. As I whipped out my tape recorder it dawned on us all that this interview was not going to work inside. Eek!!

We ended up awkwardly sitting on a plank of wood outside the venue.  I perched on the very end and threw my recorder at Henry, who was sitting in the middle of Esme, Alex and Sidonie. When life gives you lemons, babe.

The band was self assured, “goofy” and intimidatingly close. 

SEE for YOURself.

Performance Anxiety with Insecure Men

Insecure Men were playing Rock En Seine Festival on Saturday. I was there too, and despite getting a press pass, didn’t have an interview with them.

It was kind of a let down and made me feel like a bit of a loser. What was the point of  ‘working’ the festival if I wasn’t talking to anyone good? I chose to spend the Saturday morning taking it out on  Jared Leto and his band, who were slagged off to anyone who would listen.

SUDDENLY, my intel told me Saul and Ben were entering the festival and were heading for the portaloos!! When we sped-walked over to Ben and asked to talk, he said, “Yeah, sure.”

Life in Camberwell / Louis Judkins


Bussey rooftop cinema.


To be honest not that many people have come recently. The most people I’ve seen at the cinema is to see Magic Mike 2.


The crippling thought of loneliness. Also I listen to Mark Kermode’s radio podcasts when I go to sleep and wake up with it ‘chattin’ away’. The podcast is an hour and a half and plays on loop. Sometimes I’ll also wake up to recorded lectures by Grayson Perry.

49th State of Mind: Glauco Canalis


As a kid on Sunday afternoon my father would arrange a sort of cinema . He was an amateur photographer and had lots of pictures of Rome and protests there because he was very active politically. I would just stay in the dark room, watching all these images and he would inform me about what we were looking at .

Then I moved to Rimini I met other guys who took photos. They were all super cool, super vibrant and had super sick Myspace profiles. (laughs). I was coming from a village so never had my own. I just started feeling jealous of these guys hooking up with girls because they were good photographers and thought, I want to do this.

Hi, I’m Anna!

My life – from dating to nights out to day jobs – has been a bumpy ride.

And instead of crying all day, I’ve decided to tell all.

Are you strong enough to come along?

If you are, expect short stories, interviews, photographs and more…

Never miss a thang!!

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