Opening A New Door

It was during a choir trip in Portugal with school that I fancied a girl for the first time. Her name was Rachel and was two years below me which felt slightly creepy and I snuck in alcohol for us all in the hopes of getting closer but all that amounted to was a bollockingContinue reading “Opening A New Door”

The London “it” Boy

1.PM Wake up.

Wake up and find empty Jack Daniels bottles and baggies of coke sprinkled around your room. Fuck. You look longingly at your Bob Marley poster, next to the Eton Leavers photo Mummy left in your room and wish you were black. #jahbless.  The ‘help’ (Philipina nanny) shouts it’s time for breakfast. You’re horrified that the bread isn’t gluten free so settle instead on a kale juice with a shot of whisky because you are in a band after all. Whilst getting wavy on this Petit Dejeuner you flick through ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith and think ‘Damn, I look like a young Maplethorpe.’